Alluring, enticing, seductive and striking describe the new project “The Designs” from renowned artists and musicians Billy T Cooper & Snovonne 'Sno' Drake. The Designs is the culmination of years of professional artistic performance, bleeding edge visuals, and above all unique and powerful song writing that grips the listener immediately and transforms the moment into an intriguing journey.


Sno on how The Designs came to be, “We have known each other a long time.. our bands (Billy’s band JTR Sickert and my solo project Snovonne) toured together often. A year ago Billy asked me to direct some new music videos for an album he was working on. Our creativity started blending really well and I also ended up working on lyrics, vocals.. we grew closer and started working on more music together. Suddenly it just became clear that we need to make this our project.”

The Designs music, while eclectic and at times experimental, is perfectly crafted to deliver the desired musical experience to the listener.  While there may be no boundaries to The Designs music there is definitely a solid direction, purpose and path to each song.   “We both love a variety of genres, and are obviously influenced by all of them. Billy currently writes a lot of heavily electronic stuff, I tend to write cinematic rock/metal with jazz elements. The current Designs material is shaping up to be a combination of electronic and metal. But it will probably become more varied in the future. We write for people who want to be moved physically and/or emotionally, not limited by genres.”

The Designs recently signed a worldwide management deal with Music Gallery International  who have worked with many well know acts including American Head Charge, Once Human, Society 1, Godhead, The Misfits with Michale Graves, Cherry Bombs and Awake For Days. MGI founder Shawn Barusch on the signing, “The Designs!! Eclectic, dynamic, whimsical and intriguing! This and more can describe these amazing and cutting edge artists, we at MGI are looking forward to this exciting collaboration for 2020!!”

The Designs are poised and ready to launch into 2020 with a vengeance.  With a debut album in the works expect heavy touring to support that album along with new merch and of course the exceptional music videos that Sno and Billy are known for.  The Designs are delivering a rare level of artistic intelligence, musical daring and elegant beauty to the listening world that is assured to create some big waves in the global scene.