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Italian/Slovak electrometal duo The Designs premiered their second music video "More Than This" last night at 7:00pm CST on the American Horrors channel.

The video directed by Snovonne "Sno" Drake, the feminine half of the electro cabaret duo, compiles scenes filmed in the band's home studio and in the woods of La Mirandola, Italy. The area is known locally as the Ghost Village for its ruins and abandoned structures. Sno says of the video concept, “I was after a dynamic sequence of seemingly random nightmarish visuals. I wanted to underline the desire for control with elements of the occult and surreal nature. I also wanted to make sure all natural elements were present - fire, water, earth and air. When we explored (basically by accident) the Ghost Village back in summer, it was clear to me that this was the video we needed to film there.

Singer and lyricist Billy T. Cooper often finds inspiration for his song's themes through his work as a criminal lawyer specializing in violent crimes. He comes into contact with both victims and perpetrators who suffer from various forms of psychopathy, and music offers an outlet to process the darker emotions he deals with through his job. He says of More Than This, "It's an introspective song about trying to identify and control your emotions which are clearly destroying you. Between the anxieties, passions and contradictions, it’s a hard fight. You’re trying to get a grip, because you’re more than this…”

Making a special appearance in the group's second release is Domenico Martucci, an androgynous occult performer and make up artist who was the creative force behind the hair and make up effects in the video. He has played a key role in developing a darker aesthetic within the Italian drag queen movement.

Watch "More Than This" and subscribe to The Designs' youtube channel!

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